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The Crossover segment has become very popular over the last few years. Ford has kept the boxy design with their FLEX model, while other car manufacturers are moving away from SUV-Truck based designs. The titanium trim boasts many premium options such as blacked-out taillights, upgraded wheels and a Sony HD radio interface.  A twin turbo EcoBoost V6 provides the titanium FLEX with ample power when required and smooth shifts for daily cruising.

The interior is very spacious and well equipped with tech. The FLEX emphasizes cargo room, and with the fold down seats, you will not have a problem moving large items.  The My Touch system offers two 4.2” TFT screens, which compliment an analog odometer in the dash. The two screens display vital real time information, which keeps the driver focused on driving. The center console supports an 8” touch screen, which controls entertainment, navigation, climate, cellphone connectivity and an information options menu.

However, the Microsoft sync technology accommodates voice commands much better than using your fingers to operate the system. The upgraded Sony interface also supports touch sensitive buttons for quick radio and climate controls. Unfortunately, the buttons are too sensitive, and have a tendency to switch on or off accidently.  For this reason, becoming acquainted with the voice commands is a must.

Overall, the FLEX titanium is definitely a class leader in this segment, with excellent driver sight lines and a unique design. The technology is very helpful in avoiding collisions and providing essential information in a clean manner. The versatility and luxury make the Ford FLEX titanium a top choice for the Bay Driver.

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