A panel of three women sat next to Barbara Stewart as she welcomed her guests to her launch part at Verity in Toronto on March 27th. Jennifer Witzel, Jodi Glover and Sadia Zaman shared the ways they are saving their family.

“At this time in your life, how are you spending your personal time? [,…] And what are you most passionate about?” asked Barbara Stewart, CFA Cumberland Private Wealth Management.

Stewart said she had a kind of “a-ha moment” that was the moment she decided to do this study.

“I was hiking in the Rockies and after about 5 or 6 hours of being peaceful in the beauty of the mountains I thought, ‘hey, I’m a chartered financial analyst. I could see for myself, do my own research and find out what accomplished women really are doing with their money’,” said Stewart.

A quarter of the women interviewed for the paper say they are using a significant amount of money to invest in their own personal causes, whatever those are. They don’t have to be equitable causes, things that improve or affect their life or family, fitness regimes, vacations, homes, or business.

Many women are investing in their families by passing on core values, instilling morals and healthy thinking about nutrition, fitness, and finances among other things.

Through Stewart’s research, she found that most women prefer to learn about finance through real-life stories, from real-life people

“That’s why the research […] ended up becoming a book of quotes, from the last two years, from the women themselves,’ said Stewart

Research of 100 subject shows that women are investing their money 50% in real estate, 25% to equity market, 12 percent to cash and 13 percent to bonds.

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