A British Columbia hydroponics company has been seeing a major boost in sales since two U.S states legalized marijuana last year.

The company called Green Plant Wholesale LTD., says that sales have quadrupled since November of last year, when Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana.

Green Plant says it hopes to open a distribution centre in Washington State in response to the increase in sales.

The company stresses they are not trying to do anything illegal, they even go so far as putting up a sign in the store warning that any mention of an illegal substance can result in being asked to leave.

Timeline of marijuana in Canada (since 2001)

2001- Canada becomes the second country in the world to legalize medicinal marijuana.

2002- Jean Chretien’s Government introduces bill C-38 to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana; ultimately the bill did not go through.

2005- Paul Martin tried to revive Chretien’s decriminalization bill, but also failed after Martin’s Liberals were defeated before the bill could pass.

2009- Stephen Harper’s minority Conservatives submit bill C-15 aimed at increasing penalties for marijuana.

With files from The Canadian Press.

Shawn McGuire is a Montreal-born and now Hamilton-based journalist who enjoys covering news in the Steel City. He’s a sports fan, vegan, music enthusiast, & vinyl record lover.

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