“Autumn’s here and I’ve nothing to wear”. It’s the kind of phrase we hear quite frequently in the fashion retail business, but does the typical style conscious woman truly ever have nothing to wear? Not likely, however a change of seasons does bring with it certain wardrobe challenges as we ponder what to add and replace in our closets. Fortunately, fresh options abound thanks to retailer shelves now copiously stocked with the latest fall fashions. It’s at this time of year that we also reflect upon all that we are thankful for. So in addition to harvest scents of fresh baked breads, roast turkey and pumpkin pie, let us give thanks to autumn’s fashion favourites, beginning with the fall sweater. Is there anything more iconic or perfectly paired for October weather than the sweater?

A sweater can keep us cozy and warm on a cold autumn morning, is easily shed later in the day as temperatures rise, and then just as easily re-donned as the crisp evening air settles in. I’m not just talking about the traditional, cable- knit variety, either. The trend for 2013 finds designers using elegant turtleneck and high-neck sweaters as a stylish base for both professional and casual looks. You’ll also find figure- flattering dress sweaters of mohair or woollen cloth offered in a range of jewel- like colours. Sweaters likewise provide ample versatility, pairing equally well with trousers, leggings and long skirts. Dresses this season likewise feature a wide range of choices in wool; from worsted to tweeds and more. These well-structured pieces bring tailored sophistication to work attire while still being adaptable enough to wear out to dinner at the end of the day. Not to be outdone, autumn skirts offer a range of silhouettes to suit your shape.

From the pencil slim to retro-inspired 40s looks of taffeta and fine worsted wool, designers this season are drawing skirt hemlines down below the knee and combining them with multi-layered tops that emphasize the waist. Blazers are another often- overlooked piece in any woman’s autumn wardrobe (and shopping list). Layered over a dress, skirt or pant, a tailored blazer can provide a fresh look for every taste and imagination. Earthy autumn colours pair with metallic accents to give blazers added versatility well-suited for both conservative and avante garde dressers alike. To complete the look, consider a change in shoulder accessory with one of fall’s latest bags. Rich burgundy colours, fur accents and exciting embellishments, such as studs, stones and tassels, give these standout accessories definitive flair. Of course your fall look wouldn’t be fait de complit without a bold graphic scarf draped in linen or fine wool.

Other ways to add a touch of autumn spice to your look can be achieved with this season’s hefty chain necklaces. Don’t worry about their bulky look wearing you down, either. These unique pieces contrast and draw attention to a woman’s more slender neck and face. Lastly, before you step out into autumn’s colourful outdoor carpet, don’t forget to also look down. By now you should have said your goodbyes to summer sandals and open-toed shoes, and greeted the season’s latest boot styles. There are plenty of options to help lace-up your collection, but if you haven’t quite yet made the transition, step on into your local retailer. There you can give thanks for the helpful staff that are certain to provide you with added insight into how you can make fall fashions all your own.

Mark Gould

President of Milli – a fashion boutique in Business in Hamilton since 1964 and in Yorkville since 2004


Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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