Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange (with eucalyptus and sage) Body Soufflé $34.00

rsz_body_souffleThis line comes with a variety of moisturizer options that comes in great new scents. The Body Soufflé is lightweight and absorbs effortlessly into the skin. The soufflé has a scent that lasts longer through the day than the regular body lotion ($22.00), but they both leave your skin feeling incredible soft and fresh. The scents Crabtree & Evelyn have offered through the years are generally very fresh smelling, and this line is no different. The Tarocco Orange line is a beautiful spring/summer scent.

Crabtree & Evelyn also provide the Tarocco Orange in a bath and shower gel and hand therapy moisturizer, which are all also available in their lovely fruity-floral Somerset Meadow scent.



Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo $9.95-$29.95

This shampoo is full of flower power, made of over 50% fair trade honey and 20% linseed mucilage. Both of these ingredients will leave your hair shiny and lustrous. An added bonus of the honey content in this product is that it can be preservative free because honey is a concentrated form of sugar and bacteria can’t thrive. This shampoo is great because the scent is so unique, and as it says on the bottle, put away the perfume, using this shampoo will be perfume enough for the day. Plus, another bonus of this product (and most of Lush’s products) is that they’re handmade, by a company that is against animal testing and that believes in equal buying.




Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume $12.95-$39.95

9999903775This conditioner compliments their Honey Shampoo perfectly. The scents mesh nicely and the conditioner, when used in proper amounts (the bottle suggests to use it in abundance) leaves your hair just the right amount of soft. It’s a vegan conditioner made with an orange blossom water, rose water, and almond milk base. You can use it in smaller quantities, depending on your hair length and fineness, but the more the merrier with Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner.







La Mer Brightening Facial $250.00 (for 6 applications)

53R4_lgThis two-step mask gives skin back some of its youthful translucence. It leaves your face feeling very refreshed, smooth, and soft. It lgets rid of dark spots, even under the eye, and diminishes dullness. It is a little pricey, but for six applications it’s worth the cost and makes your skin feel as good as a professional facial would. Skin looks more luminous with each use of this mask.






The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser $18.00

rsz_tea-tree-pore-minimiser_zThis product works great as a make-up primer, while offering benefits to your skin. For anyone who has a problem with large pores, the organic tea tree oil in this pore minimiser will make your skin look great without being too harsh on it. It also takes the shine out of skin, making it look clean and fresh. Tea tree oil has a natural anti-oxidant in it as well, which is good for facial application because it can remove some pollutants the skin comes into contact with daily.







Eyeshadow MAC Nude Collection Eye Shadow $18.00

rsz_1mac-nude-eye-shadow-body-consciousMAC usually hits the nail on the head in the makeup game, and their new Pro Nude and Metallics Collection is no exception. The Body Conscious satin shade in eyeshdow goes on so smoothly and stays on all day without dulling. This shade is particularly complementary for blue eye colours, but would look good on just about anybody. The lipsticks are a little less versatile than the eyeshadows, but the eyeshadows are a homerun for MAC.







Lipstick MAC Grande Dame Mineralize Rich Lipstick $26.00

rsz_img_5250MAC’s new lines are a hit this spring. The lipsticks are particularly saucy. The mineralize line is beautiful and beneficial to the skin. The pretty pink Grande Dame lipstick has just the right amount of shimmer to it. It’s a nice rosy toned pink that will complement nearly any skin colour. The lipstick lasts a good amount of time after application, between four to five hours.








Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation $43.00

s1342153-main-heroThis foundation is super lightweight but manages to provide your skin with moisture throughout the day. The foundation offers medium coverage, but is a little shiny, which can be helped with a little pressed powder overtop (that also finishes the foundation to keep it intact all day). The combination of moisturizers and colour tint goes on smoothly and works well to hide any lines or wrinkles. The product isn’t greasy like some foundations tend to be, so its not as worrisome for acne-prone skin users.

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