As two disgraced Ontario private detective sit in a Virginia jail awaiting trial on charges that they systematically executed a scheme where they defrauded clients with falsified evidence, an Alberta judge has hit them with a judgment worth more than $700,000. Cullen Johnson and Elaine White became targets of an OPP manhunt after they were accused of manufacturing phony evidence claiming that various people involved in litigation were stashing millions in offshore bank accounts. The scam was particularly damaging for former Wentworth MPP Eric Cunningham who was involved in a acrimonious divorce action and who was falsely accused of hiding large sums of money in Caribbean bank accounts. The false evidence was provided by Johnson and White who were hired by the Toronto Law firm of Blaney and McMurtry–one of more than a dozen law firms engaged by Cunningham’s ex spouse during their lengthy legal odyssey. According to a ruling by Mr. Justice Donald Lee of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, the pair used the same pattern of phony evidence in a business¬†litigation between two prominent families in Edmonton. In addition the two are accused of providing false evidence in an Ontario dispute between a group of lottery winners. Currently they await trial in the US on numerous fraudulent evidence charges there. Depending on the disposition of the US charges, warrants are outstanding for the pair in Ontario. The full text of Justice Lee’s decision can be found below.

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2 Comments to: Another court reversal for private detectives who defamed former Hamilton MPP

  1. Paul

    July 1st, 2013

    John, do you not think it would have been fairer to mention that Eric Cunningham is a personal friend and one time business partner of yours? At least that would have explained the slurs against his ex-wife that were included in the story. And the “former MPP” description is a bit of a laugh. He hasn’t sat in the Ontario Legislature in almost 30 years.

  2. Demi

    June 21st, 2017

    MPP Cunningham served as MPP 1975-1984, leaving office 33 years ago. He served as his party’s transportation critic. And died in his sleep 30 months ago.


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