Canadians are secretively getting around the region blocks issued by Netflix, to access more content from their American edition. To break these locks, users change their IP addresses, a series of digits which is assigned to the device depending on the region.

This can be changed on mobile devices, computers or their gaming consoles. A third party app or program which creates a virtual private network (VPN), assigns the device an American IP address. With this trick, Netflix is fooled into allowing Netflix user outside of the US to access US region specific content.

VPNs can come free or with a small fee, opening the door to many people who want to use it and not be sharing their credit card with unknown VPN providers. There are no long-term effects to users who change their IP, of course slower net-speed and ricks of viruses become a small factor. Changing back and forth between American and Canadian Netflix, is easy and no hassle at all.

Tracking any of the IP altering is nearly impossible. A famous Canadian VPN, Unblock US, has over 14,000 Facebook likes, and 5,000 Twitter followers, a clear indication there are many users. Netflix does not report anything on banning accounts that use VPNs, though it does violate Netflix’s terms of service.

Since accounts are not in jeopardy, Canadians have a green light when it comes to using VPNs. With stunts like this possible, the cable bill can go out the door.

A Bulgarian, Hamiltonian through and through, Petkov is a soon to be graduate from Mohawk College for journalism. He has worked as a video producer, hoping to expand to a news organization. Stefan has made Hamilton his home for News and his hobbies for the past few years and also works part-time at Mohawk College. He enjoys spending time writing, and video editing.

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  1. Buddy O'Toole

    May 25th, 2013

    when Is Sons of Anarchy going to be updated??


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