Great lakes fleet renewal continues The lifting of the duty on foreign built ships continues to result in reneal of the Great Lakes ship fleet. The latest launch is Algoma Central Corporation’s new environmentally-advanced Equinox Class vessel named after the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Algoma Central, which is now headquartered in St. Catharines, has evolved into the largest Canadian- flag shipowner in the Great Lakes with 32 Canadian flag vessels. The Algoma Sault is expected to arrive to trade in the Great Lakes-Seaway region for the beginning of the 2015 navigation season. Algoma Central, and its customer the Canadian Wheat Board, have invested close to $500 million in 10 new vessels. Two of these ships are already trading in the Great Lakes and eight Equinox Class ships are under construction in China. The first Equinox Class vessel, the Algoma Equinox, is expected to arrive in the Great Lakes in November 2013. Algoma Central says the vessels, which will carry grain, iron ore, coal, construction materials and salt, will carry more cargo, at higher speeds using less fuel; resulting in a 45% reduction in greenhouse gases. Algoma will also be installing exhaust gas scrubbing systems for the eight new Equinox Class vessels that will virtually eliminate sulfur oxide emissions.

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