The dumping of fill on the site of the Burlington air park has some nearby neighbours upset because of the nuisance of trucks rumbling through the area and for one resident piles of fill that have created a visual obstruction and a source of runoff. The owner defends the work as an expansion project. In southern Ontario the building boom has created a demand for places to dump fill. Providing such a site can be a lucrative business in itself. If there are expansion plans, they should be shared with the public so a determination can be made as to whether the benefits justify the nuisance. An upcoming court battle may provide some clarity on these key questions.

Editor’s note: When this story was originally posted it was accompanied by a photo that was not of the Burlington Airpark. The Bay Observer apologizes for the  error.

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One Comment to: Airport fill flap

  1. Harmonicrat

    May 26th, 2015

    Thankfully there are few views to this story but it shows either the laziness of the writer or worse bias, when the picture in the story show the fill as garbage. I would like to see the Observer go to the Burlington airpark and confirm the garbage picture as being misleading. The photo is dishonest.


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