Burlington Airpark will appeal a recent court decision compelling it to abide by City of Burlington Bylaws. A lower court had ruled that the city had jurisdiction to regulate the placing, dumping, cutting and removal of fill or the alteration of grades or drainage on a piece of land, after the Airport operation had hauled a large quantity of fill to its site in North Burlington. Neighbours had complained about the visual disruption and water runoff.
On June 30, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled in favour of the City of Burlington’s application to compel Burlington Airpark Inc. to submit an application for a site alteration permit to comply with the bylaw. With the court ruling, the Airpark was required to file an application for a site alteration permit for the fill deposited between 2008 and 2013 before Aug. 31, 2016.The court has also ordered the Airpark to pay the city’s court costs. No date has yet been set for the appeal.

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