2018 has the potential to be a year of reckoning here in the Bay area and across Ontario. First Ontario where voters will get a chance to pass judgment on the 15 year McGuinty-Wynne regime. This marks the longest stretch of Liberal rule in this century.  The Conservatives managed to cobble together a 42 year reign by judiciously changing leaders every decade or so. We will see if that formula works with the Liberals or whether it all comes to an end in June. Premier Wynne’s personal approval numbers are poor, but the party overall shows somewhat better depending on which poll is cited. Wynne has pulled out all the stops to appeal to the electorate with big increases to the minimum wage, hydro rate cuts and free drugs for millennials to name three popular measures. To win, Patrick Brown needs the NDP to have a decent showing, allowing a split of the left-leaning vote; and he needs to avoid the campaign gaffes of his two predecessors. For its part, Burlington will have an interesting election this year with long-time former councillor and Tory MP, Mike Wallace preparing to challenge Rick Goldring who is seeking a third term as mayor.

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