ABU DHABI: When you hear the term Ferrari, only one thing comes to mind – a beautiful sports car. But when it comes to Ferrari World, it’s not just about the car. In the great city of Abu Dhabi, an entire world appreciating the concept has been set up. The world’s first Ferrari theme park is the largest attraction of its kind and the best way of paying gratitude to passionate Ferrari lovers out there.

The amusement park, over a year old, is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is very popular for motor sports and Ferrari World is just the cherry on top. It features over 20 rides amongst other attractions. The world’s fastest roller coaster besides the “G-force“ experience (another crazy ride) can also be found giving you an adrenaline rush after boosting you 62 metres into the sky!

The park continues to attract people from all across the world. Two teenagers enjoying themselves told The Express Tribune that this was not their first visit to the park and what drew them here all the way from England, was the “Formula Rossa”, the world’s fastest roller coaster ride. Unfortunately due to maintenance purposes, the ride was closed that evening. “It’s often interesting coming here. However the shows and their time-management is a little poor and makes people lag behind,” the teenager said.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Andy Keeling, the park manager said: “There are so many inspirational stories to tell from Ferrari’s rich heritage, and the park tells them in a completely different and fun way – the cars, drivers, passion and innovation associated with the legendary race car driver Enzo Ferrari.”

He added, “The park is home to more than 20 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions, each of which incorporates the Ferrari design and technology such as F430 Spider at GT Challenge and F250 California Spider at Bell’Italia. Ferrari World brings the legendary brand closer to fans and makes it accessible to audiences like never before.”

The auditorium on the other hand, plays a 20-minute film “Coppa Di Sicilia” paying tribute to legendary Enzo Ferrari, showing how his interest in racing developed. Sitting in the audience, was a young lady currently doing an internship in Abu Dhabi who specifically took a day off for the Formula Rossa experience. She said: “I am from Switzerland and I have seen people crazy about Formula One (World Championship). So I wanted to come here and experience the fastest roller coaster in the world!”

In an entertainment area called the Pit Lane, a theatrical performance called “La Gara” takes place consisting of various acts. The theatrics is not only about cars but serves a prime purpose of entertaining people spending the day at Ferrari World – a must-see crescendo. Keeling said that, “La Gara” was immensely popular across all age groups – from young children who are struck by the story and to older audiences who appreciated stunts.”

“The live “La Gara” show charts a Formula 1™ race from the start of the Grand Prix to the chequered flag. It features a troupe of power skippers, stunt skaters, German wheels and acrobats in an enthralling show that immerses guests in the thrill of the race.” He added, “Later this year we will debut a brand new production that will replace “La Gara”. It will celebrate the spirit of Ferrari, Italy and the glamour of the racing world.”

Enzo Ferrari, founder and manufacturer of the car model Ferrari, was Italian by birth. The owners of “Ferrari World” want everyone visiting the park to feel like they are in Italy. You will find Italian-inspired cuisines, rich heritage of cars in a souvenir shop, etc in order to really get a taste of Italy.


By: Saadia Qamar

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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