It was a poignant irony that respected Hamilton commercial real estate executive Syd Hamber fell ill the day before he was to participate in a colourful Vimy Ridge commemorative service last April at his beloved Tamahaac Club. Sydney Hamber died in September after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma – the same brain tumor that claimed the life of Gord Downie. Syd had been looking forward to the Vimy service that was spearheaded by Tom Johnson, along with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry  for months. Syd’s affinity for Vimy came naturally from…

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A degree in film from Sheridan College was Kristin Bingham’s first step into post-secondary education. But when Bingham decided she really wasn’t suited for that type of work, she began
King West Bistro and The Urban Vine invite you to the West End Tasting Social
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On November 21st from 5-9pm, at King West Bistro, celebrate new neighbours, new friends and great food.  Kick off the Holiday season at this exclusive event and sample fine infused
Holiday Spirit Lives in Downtown Burlington
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3Crumbuns Bakeshop Cafe, located down the street from Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre is helping to transform health care on behalf of its customers. In appreciation of the care family
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Humidity: 64%
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The Dominican Republic is slowly picking up the pieces today a mere month after two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, ripped through its country. Hurricane Irma left more than 24,000 people
Murky City staff reports make tracking HWT deals difficult
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City has paid $4.6 Million to Waterfront Trust since 2013   Over the past few months as questions have arisen about the Hamilton Waterfront Trust’s financial relations with the City
Intensification reality in Burlington
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Many years ago Martha St. was named in honor of Martha Gage, the daughter-in-law of James Gage, the founder of Wellington Square, which is what Burlington was called prior to
Television City Signs on
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Bring on the feathers, chandeliers and custom cocktails, Brad Lamb’s in town and he’s throwing a party. The lucky folks on a curated guest list experienced just that and more,



Sexual harassment of women is creating constant headlines. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has opened the gate to a stream of accusation and charges.  And not exclusive to Weinstein.

In Canada, a national institution has been engaged in a multi-year attempt to shift public attention from its history of sexually abusive treatment of women.  The subject of debate in Canada’s parliament more than…

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After its successful suppression of attempts to get information about the Hamilton Waterfront Trust by Ward Seven Councillor Donna Skelly Hamilton City Council may be satisfied that all is well in the world of the Hamilton Waterfront Trust. Certainly that was the impression given when councillors would not even second her motion for a closer examination of the HWT– but for the taxpayers of Hamilton some important questions remain unanswered after last month’s General Issue Committee meeting. Here are just a few for consideration:

  • Exactly how much future work has staff been authorized to sole-source to the Hamilton Waterfront Trust? Does anybody know? A signed agreement between the two parties suggests it’s pretty much up to interpretation. Is there an understanding in place that has not been made clear to council?
  • Since it is apparent the HWT cannot survive without continuing support from the city in the form of grants or sole-sourced contracts; does this mean the city will permanently suspend its established procurement policies in order to support the HWT?
  • If, as was…
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With the airing of the last episode of season five of Ray Donavan on October 29, Showtime has announced that the program starring Liev Schreiber will be renewed for a sixth season, but this time the show will be based in New York. The show is about Ray, who is a Hollywood fixer who will bend or break the law to get his celebrity clients out of jams –murders, drug overdoses, scandals—you name it. You never know when the volatile Ray will grab a baseball bat and start smashing the windshield or headlights of somebody’s priceless sports car. He comes by his violent temperament honestly, his father Mickey, played brilliantly by Jon Voight is a ruthless career criminal, but whose latest capers always seem to end up in spectacular disasters. Susan Sarandon has popped up in season five playing an evil Hollywood producer who will stop at nothing to achieve her ends. Sarandon is excellent in these villainess roles—last year she was formidable in the miniseries she did playing Bette Davis.

Schreiber plays Donavan mostly…

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For those of us saddled with the tag “baby boomers” it has been a remarkable march toward human perfection, or at least what is now considered the prerequisites for perfection. When those of our generation were entering our teens the world looked like this: abortion was illegal, homosexuality was a crime, African-Americans were being beaten and shot for demanding the right to vote and pregnant teens were sent to homes for “unwed mothers.” In the late 1960’s a student of the University of Western Ontario was sentenced to a lengthy prison term for simple possession of the impotent weed that passed for marijuana at that time. I often wonder what became of his life.
Against that backdrop it was no surprise that the bulk of the younger generation of that day became liberal or progressive in outlook. We rebelled in varying degrees against the world of our parents, who we later realized, thanks to reminders from writers like Tom Brokaw with his Greatest Generation, that we were rebelling against one of the most decent, self-sacrificing…

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The tantalizing title hooked me and I devoured Mark Haddon’s 2003 bestseller in record time. Now the reader’s imagination is realized (as mine was) with this theatrical adaptation onstage at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theatre. Like the novel, the show certainly feeds curiousity.

The reworking of the book premiered at London’s National Theatre in in 2012, winning seven Olivier Awards. Broadway success followed, running for almost two years and winning five Tony Awards, including Best Play.

The stark, funny and original narrative, presented as a detective story, sidesteps the formula of the genre, gleefully misleading the audience, then back tracks to a realistic conclusion.

This is a murder mystery in which fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone, burdened with behavioral difficulties, takes on the responsibility of a sleuth (Sherlock Holmes is his idol) investigating the fate of a neighborhood dog. The youngster has exceptional intelligence though ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. His medical disorder is a form of autism associated with Asperger’s syndrome. The condition forms the basis of this relatively simple story of an outsider struggling to understand the breakdown of everything that’s familiar and comforting to him.

A fussy kid, Christopher takes everything at face value. Metaphors confuse him, and hobbled by his ineptness to interpret expressions, best friends and acquaintances are portrayed as numbers. Initially I thought he was a hopeless narrator of the unfolding events, a perplexing blend of reliable and unreliable admissions of facts. But consummate genius lurks inside triggering sensitive vibes to the audience. Christopher confesses to a distaste for fiction, the inability to lie,…


Canadian Mystery reviews
LET DARKNESS BURY THE DEAD Detective Murdoch is a character
North by Northwest
In the 1959 thriller, one of the most iconic of
Moonlight Review
Focusing on a painful American reality, this multi-award nominated and

I just test drove 25 cars in two days. That’s the marathon that is Canadian Car of the Year testing.  The vehicles tested were worth about 1.2 million, from the cheapest Kia Rio at $23,000 to the most expensive Lexus LC500h…


Bay Observer contributor Kathy Renwald was a winner at the
A winning Trip to Cleveland
It’s October, World Series time. I hardly follow baseball during
Do people go for drives anymore just for pleasure? You
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With the exception of  Ward Seven Councillor Donna Skelly, the rest of Hamilton City Council went home after last month’s GIC meeting, apparently satisfied that the agency’s affairs were not
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Two community housing reports simultaneously  landed on the desk of Hamilton Councillors at the final council meeting in September—one a recommendation to spend $50 Million on social housing over the
MY TAKE: A training course needed for those entering political life
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The backgrounds of many elected officials have not provided them with the skills and understandings to be demanded of them. In coming to this conclusion, I have called on an
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The secret to a healthy winter is a pampered immune system. Traditionally, it was believed a deficient immune system was at fault with most illnesses but recent research suggests you
Hair Loss
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There’s a new treatment in town, and it’s called PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is now filling the gap between conservative therapy and surgery in various medical fields such
Insomnia – Part 2
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The consequences of sleep deprivation are extremely important to acknowledge.  Part 2 of Insomnia will address some of the effects of sleep deprivation has on your health such as your
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It’s been more than two weeks since Hamilton sent off its bid to become  host of a potentially 50,000 – job second headquarters for Amazon but you can still hear
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Change, change, change…..sometimes welcomed changes and sometimes scary.  The past few months have witnessed a dramatic shuffle from one of the strongest “sellers’ markets” to a market identified as “more
Stryker Canada makes commitment to Hamilton with new headquarters
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Medical technology company Stryker Canada will be expanding its presence in the Waterdown area with a new national head office situated along Highway 6 near Parkside drive. The new facility