Landowners in the Spencer Creek, Grindstone Creek, Red Hill Creek and Northshore Watershed are eligible to receive grants toward the cost of approved water quality and habitat improvement projects that reflect beneficial management practices.

Examples of past projects to protect and enhance watercourses and natural areas that have been approved for grants include livestock access restriction from watercourses, woodlots and wetlands including the installation of an alternate watering system for livestock; planting trees and shrubs to increase width of natural riparian (streamside) buffers and improve wildlife habitat; improving fish passage in streams by removing barriers to fish movement caused by structures placed in streams or ponds that have been created in streams. Visit our website for more project ideas.

Grants are being delivered through the Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program (HHWSP), which encourages and assists landowners in protecting and enhancing the natural features on their property.

The benefits of improved water quality and habitat include a safe secure water supply, healthy stream systems, improved wildlife habitat and biodiversity, increased recreational opportunities, sustainable agricultural operations and a vibrant economy. Healthy watersheds support healthy families and communities. Good water quality and healthy natural areas help us all.

For more information visit our website To schedule a free onsite consultation, please contact the Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program.

To discuss your project and determine if it is eligible for funding, please contact staff listed below…

If you are in the Spencer Creek or Red Hill Creek Watersheds please contact:

Cherish Elwell
Watershed Stewardship Technician
905-525-2181 Extension 181

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