Although July begins with fireworks, warmer temperatures and running jumps into the lake at the cottage, your local clothing retailer is already stocking their shelves with upcoming fall collections. In particular, there are many new fashion trends now on display for the autumn season. Here is a quick overview on what’s certain to catch your eye (and your shopping bag, should you be so lucky). First up: fall colour trends. You’ll notice a wide range of moods being expressed, from the subdued to the boisterous. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the fall 2013 palette features multifaceted Emerald, yellow-toned Linden Green, meditative Mykonos Blue, exotic Acai, spirited Samba, dramatic Koi and a deep fuchsia called Vivacious. More reserved colours include Deep Lichen Green, grey-toned Turbulence, and coffee- tinged Carafe.

fahsionPutting these colours on display is fall’s standout coat selection. These are not your every day outerwear items. Metallic earth and jewel-like tones figure prominently with accents of leather and fur. Brands such as Alexander McQueen give a nod to the medieval while maintaining a minimalist, modern figure. The resulting look will place you among the evening stars wherever you choose to shine. Continuing its resurgence in popularity, the upcoming season’s knitted tops and dresses, by brands such as Missioni, are marked by elegant textured weaves, mosaic patterns and playful contrast sleeves. It’s a contemporary look born of modern techniques and yarns that nonetheless harkens back to a romantic Renaissance ideal. For those of you who prefer dressing with wild abandon, you’ll be pleased to see a return of animal prints in collections by brands such as Moshino Cheap & Chic. This time round the look gains teeth from both muted and brightly hued snakeskin patterned skirts and tops, leopard print purses and shoes, and calf hair coats and accessories. Regardless of your go-to-look, you’re bound to find an edge of lace in everything you see this fall season. Subtly textured skirts gain a lace fringe or insert, while dresses and lightweight jackets are comprised of flowering lace in both dark and bright hues.

For the more daring dresser, catch everyone’s eye with a Valentino blouse or dress featuring revealing panels of delicate lace in, shall we say, more risqué locations. Louis Vuitton likewise features a velvet floral embroidered dress with lace details in its Ready-to- Wear collection. Always an opulent material, velvet has gained a broader expression in recent years, and its resurgence on the fashion scene continues to build momentum. For fall, velvet cap-sleeve dresses exude refined class, while a pair of velvet pants offer a versatile look you can wear kicking back at home or on a night about town. Even highheeled shoes, hats and clutch purses are being adorned with velvet’s regal touch.

Lastly, if you’ve ever hit the waves with a surfboard in hand, or just dreamed of doing so, you’ll be familiar with the slimming benefits of neoprene. It’s little wonder then that the manufactured fabric is growing in popularity as a fashion favourite for creating sleek shapes. You’ll find a range of looks to explore for fall, from the more boyish charm of neoprene jackets by Kenzo to subtly seductive, form-fitting neoprene dresses.  The above are just a handful of compelling reasons to visit your local retailer. Take a few hours for yourself to peruse the early fall collections or meet your girlfriends for lunch and shopping while the kids are in day camps. While in store, be sure to ask for advice on how to modernize your closet. By finding out where your personal style fits with the latest looks, you’ll be certain to stay one fashionable step ahead of the game.

Article by: Mark Gould

Mark Gould is the president of Milli – a fashion boutique in business in Hamilton since 1964 and in Yorkville since 2004.

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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