Berlin exemplifies much of the turbulent second half of the 20th century, much of which was dominated by the Cold War. Not only is Berlin Germany’s biggest city (Metropolitan area population 6 Million) but it is also one of the most vibrant—some would say edgy—cultural centres in Europe. Although it was devastated in the Second World War many historical sites remain—Part of the old Reichstag building, the iconic Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace — the largest existing palace in Berlin and many restored museums and galleries. Berlin is located on the banks of the rivers Spree and Havel from where…

Whitehead justifies his flip flop – Prefers McMeekin’s version to the Premier’s
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                Ward 8 Councillor Terry Whitehead has copied the media in an email to citizens asked why he voted for LRET after spending
Dutch Royalty to visit Burlington, Hamilton
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Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and her husband, Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven, will pay an official visit to Canada from May 13 to 16, 2017. They will visit Brampton, Stratford,
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‘Dexter’ and ‘Russell’ have been the most effective catylysts in calming Jackson Glover down. Now the 12-year-old student at Burlington’s Charles R. Beaudoin school is ready to give something back
Scouts plant 400 trees at Halton Region Waste Management Site
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Halton Region partnered with Conservation Halton and Scouts Canada for the 17th Annual Scout Tree Planting Event. To celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, approximately 150 scouts planted 400 mixed-species
Wind: 13mph W
Humidity: 44%
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Hamilton accountant was whistleblower in Philip scandal
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Michael Hilson who died at age 53 as a result of a traffic accident in Las Vegas last month, was a central figure in the eventual unraveling of Hamilton-based Philip
Beauty on a Budget
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Most people don’t have a reason to travel on Birge Street but those who do know that something magical happens where Birge Street makes a bend-that’s where the brand new
Preserving endangered plant species
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The Hamilton-Burlington area is part of the Carolinian Zone, which includes 2,200 plant, 70 tree and 400 bird species, more than any other part of Canada. In fact, it contains
Frantic Week of Lobbying Saves LRT
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As Chad Collins told his council colleagues last month, if there had been a vote at the end of the April 19th marathon 13-hour LRT meeting the LRT would have



The opioid crisis.  It may not be entirely as advertised.  Certainly those addicted to hard drugs will find opioids of interest and no doubt these medications can and will unfortunately lead to lives lost.  We read the statistics and hear painful accounts of opioid abuse told by family of those addicted to drugs.  Most any drugs.

What isn’t addressed in story after…

Monthly Editorial

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While we think city council made the wrong decision in allowing the LRT to proceed that’s not what this is about. We have no quarrel with those members of council who have consistently supported the project from the beginning and who stuck to their guns. (That is not to say we approve of some of their bullying behaviour towards those who held different views on the topic). But what is one to make of Councillors Tom Jackson, Terry Whitehead and Chad Collins, three councillors who for much of the past year were in the anti LRT camp or LRT skeptics but who nonetheless voted for LRT, not because they think it is the best transit solution for Hamilton, but apparently because they didn’t want to be blamed for walking away from a billion dollars? Throughout this lengthy chapter, particularly in the last year as decision time approached; we were repeatedly warned by Ancaster Dundas Flamborough Westdale MPP Ted Mc Meekin that we would lose it all if we turned down LRT in favour of…

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Maybe Patrick Brown is emulating Justin Trudeau who appeared to have not much in the way of policies heading into the 2015 election, but who nonetheless steamrolled his opponents with a campaign based on sunny ways and not being Stephen Harper. And in fairness Brown has only to look at his two predecessors, John Tory and Tim Hudak to acknowledge the dangers of being too specific about what he would do in office (see cash for ethnic schools and laying off 100,000 civil servants). And it is also true that the early release of a detailed platform makes it a target for either ridicule or idea-theft from the other side.  Still with an election writ only 12 months away and a government heading towards single digits in the polls one could reasonably expect some kind of a peek at what a Brown government might do differently from the Wynne government. The provincial budget was such an opportunity, but Brown’s charge that the government was using one-time measures to mask a deficit, could easily have…

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I was recently on a RBG panel struck to select an artist to create a statue to the Garden’s founder Thomas Baker McQuesten, of whom I have written (too frequently, some would suggest). This put me in the company of some very bright people all of whom know more about art than me. I got into a discussion about newspapers with one exceptionally smart woman and we discovered that we both enjoy reading the New York Times, and all the cachet that comes with being associated with perhaps the finest newspaper in the English language. But, hewing to my working class roots, I was also forced to confess that I also enjoy reading scandal sheets like the New York Post and Britain’s Daily Mail. The irreverent Post, I think has the best headline writers in the business. A recent story told of a New York teacher who trashed all the textbooks in her class, saying the kids could get what they need off the internet; except that there are only two computers in the…

Culture & Living

Together on stage Executive Director Brian McCurdy and incoming Executive Director Tammy Fox announced the 2017/2018 line-up at The Centre’s annual season launch.  “The seventh season will bring the best in Canadian and international performing arts to Burlington while engaging the community with meaningful and inspiring experiences.” said Tammy Fox.

The Centre is proud to celebrate Canada 150 with Canadian icons Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gordon Lightfoot, Tom Cochrane with Red Rider, the Cowboy Junkies, Kim Mitchell, Michael Kaeshammer and Jann Arden.  The celebration kicks off on September 30 with returning Canadian favourites Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy.  The Barenaked Ladies bring their sold out Canada 1 Five 0 concert on October 26.  Shaun Majumder and An Evening with Cathy Jones & Mary Walsh bring world-renowned Canuck comedy to the stage.  Unique Canadian stories come to life in Fixt Point Theatre’s A Tale of a Town-Canada and Canadian science journalist Alanna Mitchell explores the global ocean crisis in her play Sea Sick.

The 2017/2018 Season also brings some Hollywood to the shores of Lake Ontario.  Roseanne Barr and Louie Anderson bring their Emmy Award winning comedy and Olivia Newton-John, Amy Sky and Beth Nielson Chapman explore grief and gratitude in LIV ON.  From North America, The Centre goes global, stopping in India with the spectacle A Passage to Bollywood, a tumble to China…


Who’s Maudie?” Well I’ll tell you. The film speaks from
The Book of Mormon
I’ve never read The Book of Mormon, but have on
Herewith, a biographical show exposing the bare facts framed in

As Spring arrives, many encounter issues with water and humidity. This month, Bryan Baeumler addresses some of these issues encountered by homeowners.

Q I live in eastern Ontario and the sump pump in my house runs about every 20 minutes. I have installed a battery backup system and…


Future of Work
Will a robot take away my job? Many people ask
Many years ago my brother declared the minivan responsible for
Practical or Plush Vehicles for the Open Road
A few weeks after it was picked as 2017 Canadian
Community Comments
And yet the writ won't be issued for another yea
Footnote: John Best, executive director of the S
I'm perplexed by the assertion that the Premier'
B-Line BRT for the 14km route from McMaster to E
The Bay Observer
As a rookie cabinet minister Karina Gould is burning the midnight oil trying to create a better life for Canadians. But the Burlington MP and Minister of Democratic Institutions must
Works operation gets a second probe
The Bay Observer
Following a private consultant’s report that described a dysfunctional city operated Ontario Works system, the city’s internal auditor has released 11 recommendations to try to turn around the troubled department.
Scathing report on Ontario Works raises few eyebrows at City Council
The Bay Observer
Despite a damning report that describes the Hamilton Ontario Works office as suffering from low morale, non-existent communications, poor business practices and failure to meet provincial standards; there was little
Lyme Disease – The Great Imitator
The Bay Observer
Great Imitator There is an unacknowledged epidemic occurring around the world. Lyme disease is the fasted growing infectious disease and most common vector-borne illness in Canada and United States. It
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Serena Williams defeated her sister in yet another tennis final two weeks age ( the expected) then did the unexpected announcing she was currently five months pregnant with her first
Your Immune System and Cancer
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The causes of cancer can include a collection of lifestyle and environmental factors which accumulate over the years. These include toxic overload, stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. If
Conference Board Likes Ontario Budget
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The Conference Board of Canada says Ontario ‘s balanced budget came without the heavy spending restraint that was projected in previous budgets. The main contributor was higher than expected Corporate
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The Board of Directors is the steward of the organization. This involves protecting the tangible and intangible assets of the organization. This also requires the Board to gain assurance through
Hamilton real estate prices will buck cooling trend: Conference Board
The Bay Observer
The Conference Board of Canada reports that although sales were crimped nationally by tighter mortgage rules that came into effect in November, they vary widely from region to region. And