Four engineering undergraduates at McMaster University, Canada, set out to tackle the problem of melanoma diagnosis. Their solution, the sKan, is a cheaper, easy to use diagnostic system that could save lives through early detection, while also saving health services valuable time and money. Their work to date has garnered them the $50,000 James Dyson Award, which will allow the team to develop their idea.
Cancerous cells have a higher metabolic rate than normal cells. As such, they release more heat. This means…

Sir John A site could be new community hub
The Bay Observer
If the province green-lights a 600 seat elementary school on the site of Sir John A MacDonald school, the site could become a community hub, offering a variety of social
Hi-Rise opponents organize
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Santa has arrived early for Burlington city councillors. Already wrapped up, tied with a bow and under the tree is what might seem like a lump of coal! If any
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A degree in film from Sheridan College was Kristin Bingham’s first step into post-secondary education. But when Bingham decided she really wasn’t suited for that type of work, she began
King West Bistro and The Urban Vine invite you to the West End Tasting Social
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On November 21st from 5-9pm, at King West Bistro, celebrate new neighbours, new friends and great food.  Kick off the Holiday season at this exclusive event and sample fine infused
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Should municipalities have auditors-general?
The Bay Observer
Canadians were shocked when the federal government’s auditor general discovered recently that more than half of the phone calls made to the Canada Revenue Agency between March 2016 and March
The Bay Observer
Hopefully somebody briefed Antoine Belaieff of Metrolinx about the pitfalls of appearing before Hamilton City Council to discuss transit. The Metrolinx Director of Regional Planning’s presentation before council last month
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The Dominican Republic is slowly picking up the pieces today a mere month after two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, ripped through its country. Hurricane Irma left more than 24,000 people
Murky City staff reports make tracking HWT deals difficult
The Bay Observer
City has paid $4.6 Million to Waterfront Trust since 2013   Over the past few months as questions have arisen about the Hamilton Waterfront Trust’s financial relations with the City


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Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Dustin Hoffman.  I was surprised when their names surfaced as sexual harassers and who knows, perhaps worse.  Surprised?  They ‘seemed’ like good guys.  They appeared to be honourable. All were marketed as individuals who would be expressing shock at the appearance of names of harassers and abusers on the rapidly and publicly expanding list, rather than cloyingly…

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You have to feel some sympathy for any transportation planner trying to map out a transit plan for the GTAH in the current political climate. Metrolinx, which started out with much promise as an independent agency that would bring some coordination to the checkerboard of transit systems in the region has in more recent times fallen prey to political interference, resulting in some cases in colossally bad transit investments. While Metrolinx spends tens of millions of dollars every year to engage the best transit consultants available, and uses that expertise to craft comprehensive transit plans that will take us to 2041 and beyond; it can all come to nothing when politics rears its head. Take as a case in point the government’s approval of a $3.35 Billion dollar one-stop subway extension in Scarborough. Metrolinx had originally recommended a 7-stop LRT line at a fraction of the cost. And unlike the proposed Hamilton LRT, the Scarborough version would have its own right of way, thus ensuring transit speeds similar to a subway. For the $3.35…

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Netflix just keeps churning out one great series after another; and that’s probably a good thing given the Kevin Spacey debacle that overnight destroyed the brand of House of Cards. They’ve just launched a new 7 part series called Godless that takes place in the old west in the 1880’s in a mining community that has been depleted of men owing to an underground explosion. But the real story is about a marauding gang of killers led by  a bible-spewing maniacal killer named Frank Griffin, played by a completely unrecognizable Jeff Daniels. Which got me thinking about actors’ remarkable ability to play any kind of role. Here’s Daniels whose screen image is generally a nice guy as in Purple Rose of Cairo, or an idealist as in the TV series the Newsroom; playing a Manson-like sadist. He is camouflaged in a foot-long beard and empty sleeve thanks to having his arm blown off in a gun battle. And then there is Michelle Dockery who has come about as far as you can from Lady…

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After its successful suppression of attempts to get information about the Hamilton Waterfront Trust by Ward Seven Councillor Donna Skelly Hamilton City Council may be satisfied that all is well in the world of the Hamilton Waterfront Trust. Certainly that was the impression given when councillors would not even second her motion for a closer examination of the HWT– but for the taxpayers of Hamilton some important questions remain unanswered after last month’s General Issue Committee meeting. Here are just a few for consideration:

  • Exactly how much future work has staff been authorized to sole-source to the Hamilton Waterfront Trust? Does anybody know? A signed agreement between the two parties suggests it’s pretty much up to interpretation. Is there an understanding in place that has not been made clear to council?
  • Since it is apparent the HWT cannot survive without continuing support from the city in the form of grants or sole-sourced contracts; does this mean the city will permanently suspend its established procurement policies in order to support the HWT?
  • If, as was…
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As house lights dim, the darkened stage lights up to a setting somewhere in imagination. Suddenly, with deafening decibles, lazer beams, and frantic movement, we are transported at bat-out-of-hell-warp-speed to Obsidian, a utopia headed by a dictator (Donald Trump???). Falco rules with harsh authority. At least the trip is musical. As we’re wisked on our way, composer Jim Steinman’s opus “All Revved Up With No Place To Go” blasts in our ears.

Well, we aren’t going anywhere, physically at least. For 2 hours and 40 minutes (interval included) the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto is rocking to a number of songs linked to pop singer MeatLoaf’s 40-year old mega bestselling album “Bat Out of Hell”. This is Wagnerian opera with a Shakespearean type plot for the digital era.

Illusions of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys come to mind with the Neverland intrigue playing more like traditional musical theatre than the crop of “jukebox musicals” now part of the theatrical heritage of Broadway and the West End.

As in Abba’s “Mamma Mia” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” the “greatest hits” are interwoven through the story structure. This cagey manipulation delivers a freshness to the familiar songs in a new setting. Memory stimulation is also heightened by the addition of fairytale and “West Side Story” elements that tell a tale of tormented love.

Steinman has added two new Andrew Lloyed Webber style songs to tracks from the three Bat Out of Hell albums along with the single hit…


Does History Matter?
On 11 November 1918, in Hamilton,author David Campbell in his
In February 1976, two friends from Burlington set out on
Canadian Mystery reviews
 Last Call, the new, ‘Sherri Travis’ mystery, recently published by

When I picked up the Volkswagen Atlas for a week’s test drive I did a big Whoa! The thing looked like it came off a GM assembly line. VW’s new super-sized SUV…


Spectacular sights along the Dalmatian coast
For Game of Thrones fans there will be something familiar
On this installment of my irregular column called The Gadget
Car of the Year Testing is a Buffet for Car Nuts
I just test drove 25 cars in two days. That’s
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The Sacred State of Parkland
The Bay Observer
It didn’t take Ward 2 councillor Jason Farr long to realize that people don’t want bits of their city parks sold off to pay for dilapidated buildings or to solve
Should municipalities have auditors-general?
The Bay Observer
Canadians were shocked when the federal government’s auditor general discovered recently that more than half of the phone calls made to the Canada Revenue Agency between March 2016 and March
The Bay Observer
With the exception of  Ward Seven Councillor Donna Skelly, the rest of Hamilton City Council went home after last month’s GIC meeting, apparently satisfied that the agency’s affairs were not
Maintaining good intestinal health
The Bay Observer
Maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract is unbelievably important to your overall health. Not only does your gastrointestinal (GI) tract break down your food into essential elements (vitamins, minerals and amino
The Bay Observer
The secret to a healthy winter is a pampered immune system. Traditionally, it was believed a deficient immune system was at fault with most illnesses but recent research suggests you
Hair Loss
The Bay Observer
There’s a new treatment in town, and it’s called PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is now filling the gap between conservative therapy and surgery in various medical fields such
The Bay Observer
CityLAB will bring together City of Hamilton staff with students and educators from McMaster University, Mohawk College and Redeemer University College to work on real community problems and come up
The Bay Observer
It’s been more than two weeks since Hamilton sent off its bid to become  host of a potentially 50,000 – job second headquarters for Amazon but you can still hear
The Bay Observer
Change, change, change…..sometimes welcomed changes and sometimes scary.  The past few months have witnessed a dramatic shuffle from one of the strongest “sellers’ markets” to a market identified as “more