Canadians are among the world’s most prolific travellers. It doesn’t matter what exotic destination one visits, you are bound to run into Canadians there. In the quest for something new and different it is easy to…

The power of community on display with pop-up playground
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Tree-lined Roseland with its large estate homes and picturesque Tyandaga usually come to mind when the conversation turns to life in Burlington. Most people forget, however, that 4,000 people live
Joe Brant tower opening is not the end of the job
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Joe Brant Hospital CEO  Eric Vandewall is thrilled to see the new 7-Storey Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower now open, and patients successfully transferred to the new facility, but
History-rich Waterdown Memorial Hall finally set to re-open
The Bay Observer
After a number of frustrating delays the completely refurbished Waterdown Memorial Hall is ready for its debut. The official ribbon-cutting will take place Saturday September 16. The public has been
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Bay Observer spent years trying to get information This past July the Bay Observer emailed Hamilton Waterfront Trust board member Jason Farr requesting minutes of the agency’s board of director
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“DOWNTOWN” JIMMY CELEBRATES 40 years on the job
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Two very significant stories made front page headlines in The Burlington Gazette in January 1957. Burlington annexed Nelson Township and a small portion of East Flamboro (mostly what is today
Council Approves $1.5 Million in payments to Hamilton Waterfront Trust without discussion
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Questions arise over what councillors understand when voting on HWT matters In the less than 10 seconds it took for the item to be read off at a July General
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From October 2014 to June of this year the owners of Sarcoa Waterfront restaurant paid approximately $972,000 in rent, property taxes and utilities to the Hamilton Waterfront Trust. The figures
Kaboom: When Hamilton was the fireworks capital of Canada
The Bay Observer
With Canada’s 150th birthday just past, with its many celebrations—most involving fireworks–it’s a good time to contemplate the pivotal role Hamilton played in Canadian pyrotechnic history. We refer, of course



Editors note: the following is excerpted from the original article that appeared on the website Dr, Sherwood is a retired psychiatrist living in Vancouver.

In the two years since Donald Trump glided down the escalator to announce his candidacy for the presidency, pundits and public intellectuals have speculated as to his thinking and motivation, i.e., the “method” presumed to underly the…

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If you have Video-on-demand on your cable service you could do worse than watching the British film I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach who is noted for working with social themes. This film is about the travails of a 59 year old widowed Newcastle carpenter who has suffered a heart attack and gets tangled up in a Kafka-esque shuttle between  the welfare office and the unemployment office—welfare saying he is fit to return to work; and unemployment saying he is ineligible for benefits because he should be getting disability benefits. So he gets neither. Without spoiling the plot further, it is a brilliant portrayal of man against the crushing bureaucracy told with wit and compassion. The film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year, and a BAFTA award this year, but it will not win anything on this side of the Atlantic because it has no stars in its nonetheless brilliant cast, and the Newcastle accent is so strong that Loach found it necessary to subtitle the film, although they pronounce the…

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The Hamilton Waterfront Trust finds itself in the media spotlight these days, not only from this publication, but now from the Hamilton Spectator and CHCH. The “small cabal of naysayers,” as one councillor dubbed those who have questioned the HWT’s business practices is growing. It’s good that the community is starting to take notice, because frankly, we are getting sick of writing about the HWT, (It’s called NEWS for a reason) but the lack of effective action by Hamilton City Council, which collectively has turned a blind eye to the many serious questions raised here and elsewhere means the story won’t go away until council takes action. Two stories in this edition of the Bay Observer underline the fact that nothing has changed with the Waterfront Trust. It appears to have an unusual access to the public purse through a series of construction management contracts with the city that have not been rigorously vetted through council. The Trust steadfastly refuses to release routine information such as board meeting minutes. In the midst of questions…

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The Toronto Star, often accused of being the house organ for the Wynne government, showed a commendable streak of independent thinking in its investigation of meddling by Transport Minister Stephen Del Duca in the location of two proposed GO stations that Metrolinx plans to build. According to the Star, Del Duca pushed for a Kirby station in his own riding of Vaughan; and Lawrence East, a station in Scarborough backed by Mayor John Tory as part of his “SmartTrack” plan, despite Metrolinx’s experts’ advice against both. Additionally transit experts were ignored when the province OK’d a plan for a one-stop subway to Scarborough instead of the recommended seven-stop LRT that was favored by Metrolinx. Here in Hamilton sound transit planning metrics have been tossed aside in the collusion by the province and local LRT zealots to blackmail Hamilton into accepting an LRT system that is not supported by any objective ridership evidence; or– depending on whether you believe Ted McMeekin or Kathleen Wynne—risk losing out on a billion dollars in transit funding. Transit Boss…

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Focusing on a painful American reality, this multi-award nominated and Oscar winning film spotlights attitudes toward race and sexuality in a turbulent era where acceptance and rejection are shaking society’s established traditions. It waves a black flag proudly, expounding on gay masculinity.

The source of the narrative is the play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue,” showcasing three stages in the life of Chiron from a nine-year-old to adulthood. As a child he is relentlessly bullied at school in the Afro-American neighbourhood of Miami. Befriended by a local drug dealer Jean and his girlfriend Teresa, Chiron finds shelter in their home. It’s also a refuge from his mother Paula (Naomie Harris in a sharply etched performance), a drug addicted nurse who administers equal amounts of overbearing affection as well as abusive neglect to her withdrawn and lonely child.

Chiron senses strange physical feelings he cannot summarize which are apparent to the boys at school who constantly taunt him with references suggesting he’s a “faggot.” In a strongly sculpted scene, Chiron asks Jean and Teresa what the word means, and wonders if he might be one.

By his teenage years, Chiron has insulated himself by downplaying his sexuality from the curiosity of friends, acquiantances and the school bullies, gradually building a tough outer veneer. Despite this protection he is still plauged by insecurities about his true identity as the verbal indignities continue. He’s a loner against the world fueled by sexual uncertainty and struggling to face the reality…


Broadway is changing, Once upon a time, the Great White
Canadian Mystery reviews
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Whatever happened to Debra Winger? After winning fame in “An

Do people go for drives anymore just for pleasure? You wouldn’t think so judging by a recent excursion I had on the Niagara Parkway.

On a lovely summer evening at about 7 pm, I drove the parkway from Fort Erie to Niagara…


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MY TAKE: A training course needed for those entering political life
The Bay Observer
The backgrounds of many elected officials have not provided them with the skills and understandings to be demanded of them. In coming to this conclusion, I have called on an
Diving in to Murky West Harbour Waters
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Thank goodness an internal auditor fire roasted the city over lavish spending on consultants. In 2016 alone the auditor reported, the city spent $40 million on consultant reports. I fell
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Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown says if he becomes Premier after next June’s election, he will provide funding for whatever form of transit Hamilton City Council wants. At a recent
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I note, once again,  another American President has declared a new war on drugs (opioids) promising once and for all elimination of the problem. I, for one, having spent all
Skin Rejuvenators – Promoting Healthy Skin
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First let’s understand aging skin. The skin is the largest organ and detoxification organ in the body. Changes that occur within the skin during the aging process decrease its ability
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You are likely between 35 and 40 years when it begins. It’s a subtle probably silent process initially. Perhaps you have bent over to tie a loose lace and experienced
Things taking off at Hamilton Airport
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For Vijay Bathija President & CEO of John C. Munro Airport 2017 is shaping up to be a great year and he expects better things to come. Halfway through 2017,
Small business tax changes make little sense
The Bay Observer
“No, the sky is not falling on Canada’s small businesses…The minister’s proposals would clearly increase tax fairness.” (Professor Michael Wolfson, Globe and Mail, August 29th, 2017) Sorry, but that’s BULL
Hamilton firm ships products to China and says why not?
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If you walk into any hockey rink in Hamilton or Burlington, chances are you will be sitting under one of Superior Radiant Product’s arena heaters. Or you may bask in