The Hamilton Olympic Club, the oldest track and field organization in Canada, celebrated its 90th birthday in 2016.

From the beginning the club has produced many world-class athletes – but perhaps none more gifted and interesting than Phil Edwards – in his day one of the world’s top middle distance runners – and a lot more. Edwards ended up winning five bronze medals in the 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympics. It was something of an accident in global politics of the day that Edwards ended up bringing Olympic…

Bay Observer’s Olympic vet reminisces in new book
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If he’d been any closer to the action, he might not be here to tell about it. Luckily, Denis Gibbons was 500 miles away in Moscow when the nuclear plant
Remembering Bob Morrow
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 I first met Bob Morrow shortly after being installed as news director at CHCH when he popped into my office one day and announced that he was running for Mayor
An election year budget
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Private businesses aren’t the only institutions facing higher costs as a result of a hike in Ontario’s minimum wage to $14. The changes include an increase to $14 per hour
LRT spending on the rise
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Responding to a query about expenditures to date on Hamilton’s LRT project, Metrolinx spokesperson Vanessa Barrasa advised the Bay Observer, “as of February 2018, we have committed $93 million and
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Lease buyout casts uncertainty over Trust’s long -term role With the exception of Councillors Donna Skelly, and Robert Pasuta, Hamilton City Council okayed a plan to buy out the Hamilton
Hamilton ready to take on all comers with a big league cricket pitch
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In a country where hockey is king, and increasingly the main summertime youth sport activity is soccer, it’s easy to overlook the growing popularity of cricket in Canada. But in



At this writing the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario is creating the political headlines.  The Patrick Brown debacle has left the party searching for a standard bearer able to in short order convince Ontario voters a switch from a Liberal to PCPO administration is in the best interest of the province.

Will the Conservatives succeed?  Considering the main opposition appears to be…

Monthly Editorial

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Metrolinx appears to be in a race with the clock to throw as much money at Hamilton’s LRT project before the elections later this year as to make the project unstoppable. The transit agency has committed $93 million and has actually spent $65 million—about $14 Million of which is to acquire properties along the route. With roughly ten percent of the budget spent, some would argue we have gone too far to turn back. We would argue the opposite—that implementing the Rapid Ready transit plan, which would include Bus Rapid Transit, even with what has already been spent would run less than half of the billion dollar price tag and leave funding available to enhance the Regional Express Rail Service which is the provinces number one transit priority and is a much better allocation of scarce infrastructure dollars. Any property that has been acquired can be banked and re-sold at a later date. It is clear from recent experience with the HSR—declining ridership, cancelled buses, bus stop drive-by’s, and toxic labour relations that Hamilton…

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TVO has made the right decision in keeping Agenda host Steve Paikin on the air while conducting a probe of allegations by Toronto activist Sarah Thomson that he propositioned her eight years ago over lunch. There’s a big difference between “believing”—if by “believing” we mean taking an issue seriously enough to thoroughly investigate—and the wave of instant career-destroying condemnation on the basis of an allegation alone that we have witnessed over the past few months. It may well be that each and every one of the high profile men who have been accused of sexual misconduct are guilty; but in the words of Paul Newman in the role of Judge Roy Bean, “We’ll give ‘em a fair trial and THEN we’ll take them out and hang them.” Rough justice indeed but better then what has been accorded to Paikin and many others recently. Men who have been found to use their position of power to inflict themselves on vulnerable women should be rightly condemned. But there are means available to adjudicate allegations that do…

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It’s a sign of the times when a potential provincial candidate finds the NDP too conservative for her taste and instead joins the Kathleen Wynne Liberals; but that is what Hamilton activist and editorialist Deirdre Pike has done. And to add insult to injury, Pike will run against NDP leader Andrea Horvath in her home riding of Hamilton Centre. In the past Deirdre Pike was an active supporter of Horvath, and she acknowledges that her decision to abandon the NDP has caused some strained relations with former allies. But she feels the NDP have been too quiet on poverty issues. For sure this will make the June race in Hamilton Centre of more than passing interest and the likely Cable 14 TV candidates’ debate must-see television.

Culture & Living

Off the top, a couple of reasons to view this film: Jessica Chastain’s pairing with Idris Elba. Reinforced by Aaron Sorkin’s direction and script (based on Molly Bloom’s book of true life experiences), the two actors ( individually, and in tandem), deliver performances that seem natural as well as bold.

“Molly’s Game” is a high-tempo character-driven punch-in-the-gut drama, dealing a hand with high stakes all-night card games, drugs, alcohol, violence and the Russian Mob. It sets up a scenario of private poker jousts in which thousand of dollars are won or lost in hours by well heeled participants. Viewers with no interest in, knowledge of, and/or the big bucks to enter these exclusive affairs, wont be dealt a bad hand. Sorkin’s film unveils the inner workings with clarity, so that neophytes can grasp the inticracies of the sport?/game.

The narrative references Molly, a fierce competitor as a freestyle skier in the U.S. Olympic trials. A disastrous mishap occurs causing significant injuries, dumping her into an abyss of depression. Analyzing her options, amd digging out of her dark mood, Molly re-emerges as a production assistant for an unscrupulous Hollywood film maker with a sideline of weekly celebrity card games. Pressed into service, Molly, who doesn’t gamble and isn’t paid, becomes aware of an emerging hidden talent as a dominant poker hostess who is rewarded with generous tips from the high-rolling clients.

Sensing an opportunity to make bags-full of the greenstuff, Molly breaks away and plays her hand fronting a personal enterprise at a fashionable hotel in partnership with…


Canadian Mystery Reviews
THE B-TEAM. By: Melodie Campbell. Ocra Books. $9.95 Award winning
The Art Gallery of Hamilton is hosting a series of
Screening two movies about persons suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

North America loves pick up trucks and SUV’s, the sedan may become an endangered species, and that’s the current altered state of the automobile world.

So the weirdos who still like cars, even little ones, are lucky that they are still being…


The Joy of Giulia
After the briefest fling with the outstanding Alfa Romeo Giulia
Flirting with Alexa
I’m cheating on Siri with Alexa.  Alexa is Amazon’s voice-activated
10 fun things to do while visiting New York City
Actually there are probably a hundred fun things you could
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Politics Has Become The United States’ Latest Entertainment Export
The Bay Observer
From the outside looking in, and looking back through history, you could suggest that a lot of things will ultimately be the legacy of the American empire. Some might think
City’s new APP works
The Bay Observer
I’m test driving the City of Hamilton’s new CityApp and I like it. Download the CityApp to a mobile device and find the answers to popular questions-like what can I
Remembering Bob Morrow
The Bay Observer
 I first met Bob Morrow shortly after being installed as news director at CHCH when he popped into my office one day and announced that he was running for Mayor
Trouble Sleeping? Part 1
The Bay Observer
Insomnia is a common symptom characterized by difficulty falling asleep, sleeping too lightly or repeatedly awaking with difficulty falling back asleep. There are 3 types: 1. Transient insomnia lasts one
Dry Mouth Remedies
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Xerostomia (dry mouth) is not a a disease, but rather a symptom caused by salivary glands not producing enough saliva in your mouth to keep it from drying. Dry mouth
The Bay Observer
It’s not a cliche from a bygone Clint Eastwood movie and it’s not Kenny Rogers opus to the riverboat life though it might as well be for that 50% of
Blue skies ahead for Hamilton International Airport
The Bay Observer
With 2017 passenger traffic climbing to 599,146 passengers versus 333,368 in 2016—Hamilton International Airport can claim to be Canada’s fastest growing airport. And 2018 should be a better year yet
Hamilton tops in economic momentum index
The Bay Observer
Hamilton has come out the winner in the National Bank of Canada’s Metropolitan Economic Momentum Index (MEMI) for the third quarter of 2017. The bank constructed the Metropolitan Economic Momentum
Pricing Your Home
The Bay Observer
The top question on everyone’s mind when talking to a Real Estate person is “What’s my house worth now?”  This question is further developed when considering selling. Every homeowner wants