On January 7, 2017, Jake Thomas, son of Hamilton music legend Ian Thomas was severely injured in a catastrophic accident, leaving him a paraplegic. Jake is a father of four and a filmmaker. The musical group Lunch At Allen’s consists of Ian Thomas, Murray McLauchlan, Cindy Church and Marc Jordan. Within days of the accident, Murray, Marc and Cindy were talking about what they could do to help Jake and family with the financial challenges that lay ahead … and so began the idea for a series of concerts. Due to…

Let’s hear from Brown
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Maybe Patrick Brown is emulating Justin Trudeau who appeared to have not much in the way of policies heading into the 2015 election, but who nonetheless steamrolled his opponents with
Boomers vs millennials
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Since the Form LRT poll was released Monday there has been some criticism of the methodology used by Forum Research. Mayor Fred Eisenberger says Millennials are under represented in the
Majority oppose LRT: Forum Poll
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A poll released this afternoon by Forum Research indicates LRT is opposed by a majority of Hamiltonians. The Poll which yielded 3324 voters who were contacted via Interactive Voice Response
Tough language in audit of consultants use
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A report into the City’s use of consultants—mainly in public works– painted a troubling picture of cost overruns, lack of business cases for hiring consultants, in some cases paying for
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Waterfront Changing at Warp Speed
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I don’t know where LRT is headed, but the thing I remember most from the marathon city council session that closed out March-is that traffic is projected to increase by
Iconic Canadian musicians to headline fundraisers for stricken son of Ian Thomas
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On January 7, 2017, Jake Thomas, son of Hamilton music legend Ian Thomas was severely injured in a catastrophic accident, leaving him a paraplegic. Jake is a father of four
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The ArcelorMittal Dofasco Pinnacle Best-in-Fair Award was won by Sabrina Mogus from Emily Carr Public School, Halton District School Board.  Her project is ‘Don’t FEAST on Your FLEECE’ (U02).  
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When you lose all of your earthly possessions in the blink of an eye, the one thing you can be thankful for is that you’re still breathing. It happened to



Twelve per cent. An even dozen.  Again she stands at political death’s door.  The Premier of Canada’s largest province resoundingly rejected by Ontario’s voters.

Angus Reid polling information might ordinarily suggest Kathleen Wynne will perform a dead duck impression, treading water until the Liberal Party decides the free-falling Premier will do nicely as a sacrificial offering to the good burghers of the…

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We are now entering the 10th year since the Government of Ontario announced the Move Ontario transit plan that sparked Hamilton’s foray into consideration of LRT. In 2008 Hamilton had just developed its own Transit Master Plan that called for the establishment of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT); as well as introducing what is now known as the city-wide BLAST system. The plan only allowed for the possibility of Light Rail Transit (LRT) at some future date when there was sufficient demand. It was a balanced plan that attempted to address transit needs across the entire city including suburbs.

Somewhere around 2008, the dynamic suddenly changed from an open-ended discussion to an aggressive promotion of LRT over all other modes. Consultants were engaged to drive a public consultation process and a major advertising campaign was launched. From the beginning this process was dominated by lower city interests and persons or groups predisposed towards LRT. Actual attendance at public workshops totalled less than 300 persons. Some 1900 people answered a survey that overwhelmingly supported LRT but only…

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I don’t know if anybody has been watching it of not but FX Canada has a sure Emmy award show on its hands with Feud a mini series about the making of the movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane and the nuclear war staged between the film’s two stars, Bette Davis, played by Susan Sarandon and Joan Crawford, played by Jessica Lange, The series details the struggle to make the film in 1962. The movie industry was in steep decline and so were the acting careers of Davis and Crawford. Warner brothers wanted to cash in on the horror movie fad that was raging at the time following the release of Psycho – they were cheap to make and if they caught on with teenagers could produce a big return on investment. Bette Davis campaigned for the role of Baby Jane and inexplicably invited Crawford to play Baby Janes disabled sister even though she apparently hated Crawford. She once commented that Crawford had slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie the…

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As you read this a group of Hamilton high schoolers from Sherwood Secondary are in Northern France with thousands of other Canadian youth having taken part in the April 9th commemorative ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the First World War.  Notables attending included Princes, Charles, William and Harry, Governor-General Johnson and Prime Minister Trudeau. Also on hand a large contingent of Canadian Armed Forces personnel.  In all about 23,000 Canadians attended from all parts of the country. Our son Steve Jones is one of the teachers leading the Sherwood contingent. Imagine spending  10 days in Europe mostly on a bus with 40 teenagers. Not for the faint of heart. Apparently the teacher-chaperones take turns sleeping, so that somebody is always on the alert.  In addition to Vimy the itinerary includes Canada’s other great military shrine, Juno Beach, scene of the 1944 D Day landing. They also get a look around Amsterdam and Paris. Many of the soldiers who died at Vimy were not much older than the…

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I’ve never read The Book of Mormon, but have on three occasions witnessed the Broadway musical it inspired. The latest viewing was opening night of the show’s third return to Toronto, currently on stage at the Princess Of Wales Theatre.

While there is a wide chasm between the sacred pages and its theatrical adaptation, the underlying story still preaches the soul-saving redemption (with hilarity) offered by the diety to us mere mortals. Between the covers, sacred words deliver ecclesiastic revelations, while on stage, its a whoop-de-do song/dance/comedy (blasphemous, scurrilous and foul-mouthed) extravaganza that may have you gasping with wonderment at this seemingly impious attack on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In actual fact, the show is a satiric tribute to the religious body.

The church’s heirarcy has withheld a public thrashing of the show’s creative team (Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, Matt Stone), cleverly opting for public awareness of the denomination’s doctrine with ads in the playbills which inform…..“Our version is sliiiightly different…..the musical is entertaining. The book? It’s life changing.”

The plot overlooks the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir and ecclesiastic observances, focusing on the church’s missionary endeavors. We follow the experiences of Elder Price (Gabe Gibbs) and Elder Cunningham (Connor Peirson), two mismatched missionaries despatched from Salt Lake City to spread the gospel in far off Uganda. In a remote jungle village they encounter a weapon- wielding war lord who subjugates the natives. They in turn lustily sing/ shout vulgarities at God for their suffering, It’s a…


Herewith, a biographical show exposing the bare facts framed in
This juke box musical, adapted from the 1992 Kevin Costner/Whitney
Playing with Fire
Hamilton’s Theatre Aquarius kicks off the new year with an


Practical or Plush Vehicles for the Open Road
A few weeks after it was picked as 2017 Canadian
2017 Nissan Maxima The four-door sports car
The 2017 Nissan Maxima has received minimal updates after a
2017 Honda Accord
For years the Honda Accord has been categorized as one
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